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Terms & Conditions

1. Welcome to the website of the Launch Online offer from FCR Media (‘FCR’).
FCR Media have worked in collaboration with Bank of Ireland ('BOI') to provide the Launch Online offer to qualifying customers who open a new business startup current account after 22/6/16.

2. The Launch Online offer comprises of the following items for free, for 12 months: 12 months begins at sign up.

a) a webpage from FCR Media
b) a .com domain from, an FCR Media brand
c) a hosting package from, an FCR Media brand
d) a basic online listing from, an FCR Media brand
e) access to Business Centre to manage your listing.
f) related services required to set up items 1-5 from FCR Media

3. FCR Media offer you these Terms and Conditions, they apply to your use of the Launch Online website. Your use of this site or use of any of the elements of the Launch Online offer is taken as an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the additional terms and conditions listed herein.

4. These terms and conditions do not apply to your use of any other services offered by FCR Media.

5. Terms and Conditions related to availing of services required to set up items in the Launch Online Offer from FCR Media: Click here and

6. In the interest of clarity, BOI offers Launch Online in partnership with FCR Media. As such BOI does not accept any responsibility for the fulfilment of the Launch Online offer. BOI recommends that prior to availing of the Launch Online offer that users review the services offered and their associated terms and conditions.

7. How Launch Online Works:
1) Firstly, you must open a new business startup current account after 22/6/16.
2) To avail of Launch Online, you will need a 12 digit verification code – available from BOI and you will need to visit and complete the sign up process.
3) You are now entitled to avail of the Launch Online offer.
4) FCR Media will set up your .com address (subject to .com availability), webpage, business listing on, hosting and access to Business Centre
5) Once activated, upon sign up, your Launch Online offer expires in 12 months. FCR Media will then offer you the ability to purchase a renewal package to maintain your online presence subject to their terms and conditions and continued availability of products.
6) You agree to receive additional offers from FCR Media and their partners during the lifetime of the Launch Online offer. Should you avail of any of these offers, you will be subject to the additional terms and conditions which are associated with those offers

8. Additional Terms and Limitations
1) You agree not to create a webpage for any purpose other than marketing your business
2) You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of FCR Media and partners.
3) You may not sell your domain and webpage unless it is sold with your business.
4) You agree not to register a .com domain through the offer other than for marketing your business
5) You agree to enter into the Launch Online offer in good faith and only avail of one offer for your own business.

9. Privacy, Data and your protection:

1) Data which you enter on this site or any site affiliated with this offer or any communications between you/ your business and FCR Media or FCR Media’s partners are subject to the following privacy policies and all aforementioned terms and conditions.
FCR Media Privacy Policy is available within our Terms and Conditions document linked above (See Point 5)
2) FCR Media may share information provided by you during the sign up process of LaunchOnline with others, including the IEDR and with trusted bodies involved in bringing you Launch Online.
3) You consent to be contacted by FCR Media, their brands and partners during the Launch Online offer and you consent to the transfer of data and information about you and your business for this purpose.
4) Should you require an upgrade to a .ie domain name, FCR Media must provide registrant details to the IEDR also, in availing of a .ie domain you accept the terms and conditions of the IEDR and their associated privacy policies.
5) Your domain registration information will be freely available online as a ‘WHOIS’ record following its registration.

10. Additional T&Cs

1) The parties which bring you this offer reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time. Your continued usage of elements of the Launch Online package will be deemed as a renewed acceptance of any or all of these new terms and conditions.
2) The Launch Online offer and site may be changed at any time. No compensation, monetary or otherwise is available to you should the offer change.
3) FCR Media reserves the right to withdraw services to you should you be in breach of the Terms and Conditions (Clause 5 above) or any associated Terms and Conditions of FCR Media mentioned in those Terms and Conditions.

11. Cookies/Analytics sharing
1) FCR Media terms and conditions are binding, please read here: