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Sign-Up Questions

  1. What is Launch Online?
    Launch Online is an initiative between Bank of Ireland and FCR Media to help new business start-ups begin developing their online presence. The offer is free for the first 12 months and includes a webpage, a “.com” domain name, hosting, email accounts, a listing on and access to FCR Media’s Business Center. FCR Media’s support & fulfillment team will be ready to assist you in setting up your webpage and accounts.
  2. How do I get to participate in the Launch Online Program?
    Participation in the Launch Online program is only open to those businesses that open a new business start-up current account with Bank of Ireland. At that time you will receive a 12 digit code and link to the site.
  3. What is the 12 digit code and how do I get one?
    Bank of Ireland will provide you with your 12 digit code for use on the site. This code should be entered on the sign-up form to prove you are eligible for the free services.

Domain Names

  1. Can I choose any domain name?
    We want you to give us your top request for your new domain. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that it has not been taken already so we will use that as a starting point to suggest alternatives that fit with what you are trying to achieve. Once you have agreed to the domain name we will complete all of the registration required.
  2. Can I register something other than a .com domain such as a .ie?
    Yes you can but there is a charge for this as .ie domains are more expensive than .coms. In addition, the governing agency, of which FCR Media is an official registrar, does require several additional documents about your business to prove that you can register a .ie domain. Your account manager can help you through this process.


  1. What is included in my Hosting Package?
    Your hosting package will have the following included: Unlimited Bandwidth, Email Mailboxes, 24/7 Security Protection, Free & Guided Setup.
  2. What is the service guarantee on the hosting package?
    We guarantee that your site will have a 99.7% Uptime.
  3. How often is my webpage backed-up?
    We back-up your data every 24 hours so you can be sure that your site is always safe.

Subscriptions & Renewals

  1. What happens in Year 2?
    If you choose to maintain your participation in the program your services will continue uninterrupted and we will begin invoicing you on a monthly basis. The fee will be 20 euros per month.
  2. Will I be notified before the end my free subscription about continuing the program?
    Yes. Approximately two months before the end of the free period you will be notified via email that your free subscription is ending and that you will be automatically enrolled in the Year 2 program. In addition, a second notification approximately one month before the end of the free period will also be send. The cost to continue with the program is 20 euros per month.
  3. Can I cancel my subscription?
    Yes at any time during the year you can cancel your participation in the program at no cost to you unless you have purchased a non .com domain as a .ie domain. If you cancel your participation, your website will be taken down and hosting package cancelled, your access to the Business Center will be withdrawn and your listing on the removed. Your domain name will expire one year from when it was purchased and it will be your responsibility to renew if you choose.

Website Questions

  1. When will I be contacted about my website?
    The following steps are the general guidelines on setting up your website:

    A Dedicated Account Manager will guide you through the website build process and then to make sure that the website continues to serve your business needs over the coming months. The Account Manager is also responsible for ensuring that any solutions you bought to bring traffic to your website (such as SEO or Google AdWords) are delivering results for your business.

    • DIGITAL CONTENT Days 5-10
    Next, you will receive a call from our team who will go through everything you want to include on the site. This includes the services you offer, any photos you may want to use, logos etc. We advise that you have a look at some other websites so you have a few ideas. In the meantime, you may receive a call from our Web Services Team in relation to registering your domain. (Your domain is the website address you will be using e.g. ) If we need any additional information from you to register this, we will let you know. We can also help you to set up any email addresses you wish to have (for example

    • THE BUILD Days 10–20
    Once we have received all your content, one of our Talented Designers will get to work on building your site. This will include how it looks, loading your specified content and ensuring everything works correctly etc.

    • GO LIVE Days 20–25
    Once your designer has built your new website it will be placed live so it can begin indexing as soon as possible on Google. We will send you a link to see the site. If you have questions after your site is live, please contact your Account Manager.
  2. Can I change my website once it goes live?
    Of course you can. You will have full access to edit your site yourself using the site builder or you can make updates to listing via the Business Centre here.
  3. How many email addresses can I have?
    You can have up to five email addresses with your new website. Having a new email set up gives your business a more professional image, so rather than using, we can use,, and so on. We can set these up so they still go into your regular Gmail / Hotmail / yahoo mailbox. Our experts can give you a call and walk you through setting this up.
  4. I can’t find my website on Google, why?
    Websites take time to rank and you will not appear on Google straight away. Our entire team work according to best practice, from writing copy to mobilising your site, giving you the best possible chance of ranking. Please note that we cannot guarantee any positioning on Google. We do offer additional products and services designed to promote your website, which you can discuss with your rep, e.g. Search Engine Optimisation and Google AdWords™
  5. I have no photos / very few photos for my website, what do I do?
    We have access to a stock library, which we can buy photos from. This is all included in the cost of your site. This means we get high quality photos that really help create a professional image for your business. Often our designers will take photos from here, or if there are photos you would like us to use, simply send us over a link. The stock library we use is
  6. What do I do if I want more than one webpage for my website?
    Its very easy to upgrade to more pages for your website. There are two alternatives:

    • Have the FCR Team “Do-It-With You” and create a website with up to 10 pages and an extended choice of styles and template layout. As this is an upgrade all set-up fees are waived and the first year charge is only €54.15 per month or €650 per year.

    • Or Take the “Do-It-Yourself” approach and upgrade to the Business Hosting package. With this package you can add up to 10 pages yourself at a cost of €10 per month.

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